Global City
The 1st Global City Concept in Indonesia

In the era of globalization, Lippo Group has set a greater vision.

We realize that the quantity of facilities is important for your convenience. However, we also realize that quality contributes an even greater impact. Therefore, at The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences, we have set out to differentiate ourselves from others by focusing more greatly on the quality of our facilities.

Through our mega flagship development, The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences is positioning itself as a leading inspired global city, just like London or New York among others. For the first time in Indonesia, our complete 11-in-1 global facilities come with global standards, for your enjoyment.

For example, our Siloam Hospitals is still the 1st and the Only in Indonesia, to receive an international accreditation from the USA-based Joint Commission International (JCI), indicating the international standard level of health care and Lippo Group’s commitment to unparalleled quality services. Our Pelita Harapan education system is also the nation’s leading private foundation today, which is benchmarked to international quality standards and home to many of the nation’s brightest intellectuals.

After all, international standard quality is here to impact your lives positively.