A Warm Welcome

Hi, welcome to The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences.

On behalf of the company, it is my pleasure to present to you Lippo Group’s ultimate mega flagship development to date.

The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences is the most exciting development in the nation as we speak today and has become the talk of the town in the country and abroad continuously.

In this spectacular US$1.2 billion global city, The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences has set itself apart from others for so many reasons. I invite you to go through our brochure and glimpse through our exciting breakthroughs and leading features. The many meticulous details that are the hallmark of The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences, like every Lippo Group luxury development, are designed for someone who is sophisticated and has incredibly discerning tastes, like you.

The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences has been dreamt, conceptualized, designed and will be built by a collaboration of the world’s unparalleled and premier international consultants from the United States of America, England, The Netherlands, Germany, Australia, Singapore, and others. Our global consultants are at the fore-front of this global city development and are proud to be part of the grandest development for your enjoyment.

At The St. Moritz Penthouses & Residences, you are not only a proud resident owner of the most luxurious residence features ever brought in Indonesia, but you have also partaken in rewriting history in the nation, and perhaps the world. Among others, Indonesia’s tallest building at the St. Moritz, will rise and become Indonesia’s new symbol of financial power and economic prosperity.

Within the Lippo Group, you are always in our mind. We build for you.