The Secrets of Apartment Decorating

While some people may assume that apartment decorating is the same as decorating a house, in most cases this is untrue. Because of their small size and limited square-footage, most apartments require different decorating techniques than houses do. Therefore, it can be helpful to know a few secrets of apartment decorating, as these can help you maximize the space in your apartment and make your home feel as inviting as possible.

Apartment Decorating Involves a Centralized Theme

Unlike most houses that allow you to adopt a different theme for each room, apartment decorating often limits you to a single theme for most—if not all—of your apartment. While this depends largely on how many bedrooms you have in your apartment, keep in mind that the smaller the apartment, the fewer themes you should have. For example, if you have a small one-bedroom apartment, you should choose warm or cool tones and place these colors throughout your apartment. This not only makes your apartment feel inviting and comforting, but also ties everything together nicely. In addition, adding in a few area rugs can make your apartment seem bigger since they create a contrast from the typically white or beige carpet.

Apartment Decorating Involves Effective Decoration Placement

Another important aspect of apartment decorating is placing paintings and other wall decorations effectively throughout your apartment. Because many apartments are small and have limited wall space, it is very easy to overcrowd your walls with decorations, which can actually make your apartment appear smaller than it is. Generally, you should avoid placing more than one large painting or two small paintings on each wall, since this can help ensure you decorate effectively without overcrowding your walls.

When it comes to apartment decorating, two things to keep in mind are that you should always choose a centralized theme for your apartment and place paintings and other wall decorations effectively to make your apartment appear as large as possible. While space is always likely to be a limiting factor when you live in an apartment, following these guidelines can help your apartment feel as inviting and comfortable as possible.


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